Solar Fire X

The Best Astrology Program in the World

For many decades, astrologers have marveled at Solar Fire's incredible power and phenomenal ease-of-use.

Mac owners, who are more aware of great program design than PC owners, have yearned to be able to run Solar Fire without the hurdles of installing Windows and Parallels on their Macs first.

That day is about to arrive! (Astrolabe expects the new version to be released in late Spring)

With the upcoming release of version 10 of Solar Fire, called Solar Fire X, Astrolabe is finally going to provide both Windows and Mac astrologers with the most advanced version of Solar Fire ever created.

It has taken their programmers many years to prepare this new version of Solar Fire, but it is well worth the wait.

Finally, Mac owners will be able to run a truly powerful astrology program on their machines.

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